Words of Life

Have you ever:

Asked questions regarding the Bible, but were told to “just have faith”?

Hit a wall in your faith because you did not understand how God worked or why He did certain things?

Found the Bible increasingly hard to believe as you gained more knowledge about science?

Wanted to develop a closer relationship with God through a deeper understanding of biblical history and Scripture?

We tackle the hardest biblical questions head on, but not with our own opinions and perspectives. We do it completely with the Bible.

We comb through the Bible page by page. We don’t shy away from controversial questions, but tackle them directly with Scripture.

Some questions we tackle:

  • Are human beings really just 6,000 years old? What about homo sapiens found 100,000 years ago?
  • How can God be a Being of love when biblical prophecies of the Last Days speak of destroying non-believers? What about my family and friends who do not believe?
  • What is so bad about the fruit Adam and Eve ate that the following generations were all punished?


Study format:

  • Intimate sessions of two to four people. Have abundant time to get to know each other and address the deepest and hardest questions.
  • Sessions held around your schedule. Don’t worry about missing a session!

God’s Word and direction is the highest level of guidance and wisdom. Only through His Word can we fundamentally transform our lives and grow closer to Him. But first, we have to understand His Word fully and correctly. If you are open-minded and acknowledge that there are things you have yet to explore, if you are ready to empty yourself and let the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of God’s truth work upon you, then please…